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Twin Cities Community Hospital Founder Pavilion in VR
Thursday, July 26, 2012
Twin Cities Community Hospital Founder Pavilion in VR

This is a shot from Twin Cities Hospital in Templeton, California. This tour was completed early in the year, but I just realized I never had time to put it on my own site. This was a really fun trip, and the tour was especially interesting because we produced an HD television spot as well as the online tour. The HD video looks very smooth in a way that flash can't quite match yet. I'll share a bit of that in the near future.

Controls from left to right:
+ Zoom in;
- Zoom out;
change the way the view moves when you drag;
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Twin Cities Community Hospital
Friday, March 16, 2012
Twin Cities Community Hospital

This is an initial test shot from a recent project. Twin Cities Community Hospital in Templeton just finished a large building project and they wanted to show off their beautiful, state-of-the-art hospital. I really enjoyed this project. It was interesting talking to one of the hospital directors as he gave me the grand tour. The main part of the interior shoot took about four hours, and over that time his pride in his hospital and the level of care they provide was quite evident. It was the kind of pride you would expect from a people who care for their patients like they were family.

If you'd like to see the finished product have a look at the tour on their website,