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Garden Peach
Wednesday, August 20, 2008
Garden Peach

We're finally trying to get back to a normal life here. We recently had a wild fire in the hills near Santa Barbara, "the Gap Fire". We were not warned to evacuate where we live, but we did anyway when the sky turned brown and it looked like the middle of the night at 6pm. I'll get some photos online from some of those crazy days, but right now I just have to say thank you to all the amazing fire fighters and the families who worry about them when they are on the job. Thanks to them not one house was lost.

Still, through all the craziness, I have been taking the time to tinker with my camera. This is a beautiful translucent striped tomato variety called a Garden Peach. This is one of the last ones my wife coaxed off the plant and it is beautiful. It is actually fuzzy like a peach. And this one is still sitting here waiting to be the subject of more photos. But the others from the plant have been quite delicious.

Peach Rose
Saturday, June 4, 2005
Peach Rose

Early in my tinkering with professional photography I could barely afford the tools I wanted let alone the best lenses money could buy. I was forced to scrounge for used and not quite perfect items to get the affects I wanted. Now, years later, I have some better tools but I still use most of my early toys.

I have a combination of filters that cause a soft halo around the outer areas of the photograph, although that was not their original intention. We call them my "fuzzy flower filters." I would not trade them for even the latest and greatest lenses.

I love to encourage people who are interested in Photography. The tools can be intimidating but they do not have to be. In the end they are just tools, the art comes from the person behind the lens.

At the Art Walk last Sunday there was a young girl, about 10 years old, who was very interested in how I got my close-up flowers. I gave her a short explanation and she seemed very interested. So I continued to tell her more about the different types of lenses. I was much younger than her when my parents encouraged me with my photography, so I would never underestimate a child's curiosity.

Who knows, some day maybe I'll run into her at her booth at the Art Walk!