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Baby Granny Smith Apple
Thursday, November 22, 2007
Baby Granny Smith Apple

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope you enjoyed lots of good food and friends today!

Unfortunately I did not get to take any photos of the great feast, but this was one of the "aromatics" (to quote my favorite tv chef) that contributed to the meal.

I did get a little adventurous today and decided to throw away those silly little plastic bags we usually use for the turkey. I can now tell you that brining your turkey the night before is the way to go. Much more moist and tasty that way. This is the basic recipe I used. But since I had not thought about it before hand I improvised on some missing ingredients. (Also, onions are bad for The Hound, and almost everything we make is hound-safe. Not that she is spoiled or anything. :-D )