Mural Photos

Courthouse Clockwork
Friday, October 5, 2012
Courthouse Clockwork

Thanks to some dedicated volunteers, the Courthouse clocktower has a new attraction. As if the view from the top wasn't enough. Refurbishing the mechinsim of the clock was something that was overdue. But the dedicated caretakers of this local gem went above and beyond. Rather than just fix the clock and close it back up, they realized the intricate workings of this amazing device was something most visitors would love to see. With the backdrop of an amazing mural the wokrings of the clock are as beautiful and interesting as the exterior architecture that encloses it. I particularly like the gear at the top that distributes the movement of the clock to the four faces on the sides of the tower.

Santa Barbara County Courthouse Mural Room 360 degree Panorama
Thursday, June 14, 2012
Santa Barbara County Courthouse Mural Room 360 degree Panorama

There are few more perfect places to take a 360° Panoramic Photo than the Santa Barbara County Courthouse Mural room. The walls of the room depict major events in the history of California. The entire room is a spectacular work of art. Don't forget to look up at the amazing detail on the ceiling.

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The Good Shepard
Monday, December 29, 2008
The Good Shepard

This is another shot from our Christmas Eve Day shoot at Saint Angela's in Pacific Grove.

This is a nearly impossible shot. If you look at the previous shot you can see that there is a balcony area in front of the very bottom of the mural. This small alter is behind the wall under that balcony. It was actually taken from the foot of the mural as a panorama of nine shots and perspective corrected after the fact.

While we were there we heard the story of how this was supposed to be another stained glass window to match the others around the church. But the Pastor who was working on the project passed away unexpectedly in a traffic accident. I think the end result is very beautiful nonetheless. The artist is a member of the church, Jean M. Maynard. Sometimes you can be surprised what amazing talent is lurking right in the seat (pew?) next to you.