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Chapel at the First Presbyterian Church, Santa Barbara, Virtual Reality
Thursday, September 30, 2010
Chapel at the First Presbyterian Church, Santa Barbara, Virtual Reality

This is a wonderful little chapel at the First Presbyterian Church at State and Constance in Santa Barbara. I pass this church often, and I have tought many times about how their stained glass must look from the inside. Last week I had the opportunity to take some exterior shots of the church. While I was wandering around with my camera I was fortunate enough to be invited inside by one of the kind members of the church. He showed me around the sanctuary, and pointed out this beautiful chapel. It was very clear that the beauty of this church is much more than skin deep.

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The Good Shepard
Monday, December 29, 2008
The Good Shepard

This is another shot from our Christmas Eve Day shoot at Saint Angela's in Pacific Grove.

This is a nearly impossible shot. If you look at the previous shot you can see that there is a balcony area in front of the very bottom of the mural. This small alter is behind the wall under that balcony. It was actually taken from the foot of the mural as a panorama of nine shots and perspective corrected after the fact.

While we were there we heard the story of how this was supposed to be another stained glass window to match the others around the church. But the Pastor who was working on the project passed away unexpectedly in a traffic accident. I think the end result is very beautiful nonetheless. The artist is a member of the church, Jean M. Maynard. Sometimes you can be surprised what amazing talent is lurking right in the seat (pew?) next to you.

Christmas Eve at Saint Angela's
Wednesday, December 24, 2008
Christmas Eve at Saint Angela's

Well the holidays are over for the most part. Too quickly as usual! But maybe it will give me a chance to share a few of the thousands of images I've taken in the last few months.

A couple of days before Christmas we were taking pictures outside of this beautiful little church in Pacific Grove. They have a nice nativity scene and we have stopped here on previous trips this time of year. This time, however there were still people inside getting ready for Christmas. When they saw us outside they invited us in. They were obviously working hard on the Christmas preparations. Much like the elves in our church, it seemed like there was always someone there working on a project. Unfortunately they were not quite done with the Christmas decorations. So they invited us to come back Christmas Eve day when there would be light coming through the stained glass too.

This is one of the images from our return trip. There are many more to come!