Wisp Photos

Friday, December 15, 2006

Today I needed some steam for an image in an ad that was due at 5pm. Fortunately, I remembered my match lighting experiments. A little adjustment in Photoshop and this shot made some great steam.

This brings up an interesting point though. One of the most important things you realize quickly when working as a photographer is the need for organization. If you can't find the image you know you have somewhere you can't sell it very easily. I figure I have taken 10,000 photos in the last year. 8,700 of them on my new digital camera. Other than that I have enough slides to fill up quite a few file boxes and drawers. The ones I have scanned take up 110 DVDs. I do OK in the digital world with my strange little organizational systems, but it's time for some better tools.

Personally, I am still looking for the right software to do the job. I've tried a couple demos that were not inspiring enough to make me part with my money. Perhaps a new Mac with Apple's interesting tools would do the trick! I wonder if Santa is feeling particularly generous this year? :-D